Hervey Bay Boat Club Yacht Squadron Inc.


Please note: 

  • You must be a current member of The Boat Club to join the Hervey Bay Boat Club Yacht Squadron Inc. (excludes temporary and junior membership).
  • Rule 46 -  Australian Sailing requires all competitors have an Australian Sailing membership, either full or temporary for a sailing event. It also prescribes that 'after three races all crew of any race shall also be a club member'.
  • The  Australian Sailing (AS) membership gives each and every member of our club personal and accident insurance cover whether racing, cruising, volunteering or officiating. The AS number, given on membership, identifies the individual as a member of our affiliated club.
  • The Hervey Bay Boat Club Yacht Squadron is an incorporated entity with public liability insurance.
  • Members joining the club in the last quarter of the year will have their membership rolled over into the next financial year.

Types of Membership

Temporary Membership - SailPass

A Sail Pass gives visitors temporary membership with the club for a sailing event. This SailPass can be used up to 3 times before you will need to get full sailing membership (giving you an active AS number) to continue racing with us. The membership link is for visiting sailors with (but non-active) or without an Australian Sailing number.

SailPass - no cost

Adult-Sailing Membership

Adult-Sailing membership gives over 18 year olds full sailing membership with the club allowing you to compete in all our racing events. 

Adult Sailing Membership - $120.00 (includes Australian Sailing membership).

Junior Membership

Junior membership gives full membership to under 18 years olds who have an adult sailing member with the club. They can only participate in a sailing event with their associated family member.

Junior membership -$40.00 (includes Australian Sailing membership)

Social Member

Social membership allows you to particapte in our club socially, but not in racing events. This is ideal for sailors no longer racing or for spouses who wish to be more involved in the club.

Adult Social Membership - $40.00 (includes Australian Sailing membership)

Volunteer Membership 

Volunteer membership is for members who help regularly with the organisation of the club.

Volunteer membership - no cost

Membership Renewals

If you are renewing your membership please use the membership link below. You will need your Australian Sailing number.

Find My Australian Sailing Number

Club Policies

Before joining, please read the club's policy documents on the Rules and Regulation page.



 Membership Form Link