Hervey Bay Boat Club Yacht Squadron Inc.

About Us


About Us

The Hervey Bay Boat Club Yacht Squadron Inc. is a sailing club for trailable, keel and multihull yachts . We are an intra club of The Hervey Bay Boat Club Inc.(The Boat Club).

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The Club Container

The Yacht Squadron club house (The Container) is where we meet for race briefings. 

After the race we meet in the bistro inside The Boat Club. Sailing gear, wet or dry is fine to turn up in.


The Boat ClubThe Boat Club

The Boat Club offers fantastic facilities including: restaurant, coffee shop, bars, gaming, movie theater, live entertainment and function rooms. They also have an amenities block, laundry, marina, caravan park and hard stand.

Trailer sailers are able to use the public launching ramps with floating walkways adjacent to The Boat Club with ample trailer parking. There is also a hard stand boat lock up area for club members. Once launch skipper can dock on the outside arms of the marina temporaily for the briefing.


We sail predominantly Sunday fortnightly races around buoys or around the navigation marks in the bay. Briefings are held at the club's container in The Boat Club grounds. During winter we also have a couple of cruise events.

Annual Regatta

The Kingfisher Bay Resort Regatta - sailed out from the Kingfisher Bay Resort on K'Gari island in the Kingfisher Bay - usually over the Australia Day weekend.

Club Yachts

Currently we have a broad range of yachts in our fleet ranging from an trailable monohulls, trimarans, a cruising catamaran to keeled yachts.

Any person interested in sailing their yacht or as crew can attend races with a temporary membership. See our sailing calendar on the Sailing Calendar page and temporary membership on our Membership page.

Interested persons may also place their name on our crew register. The link for this is on our  Crew Information page.


Our monthly general meeting is held on the first Thursday of every month in the Board Room of The Boat Club (upstairs and to the left) at 7:30 PM. All members and visitors are welcome to attend.